virginia deguzman is a problem solver
BFA & MBA ready to make better creative while still hitting business objectives. She's powered by UX thinking, psychology, & beating social algorithms as a tool to teach her more about the world and culture. ​​​​​​​
Service to the industry
(2021) The Young Shits Judge *upcoming
(2019) Hustle Summit Mentor X2
(2018) Collaborated in an international art experiment called The Thing: An Automatic Workshop in Everyday Disruption. We explored how to take the everyday and mundane and turn it into much more. We started as 11 people in a room with a locked suitcase and a vial of instructions, and ended with our own Thing to contribute to the world.
(2014 – 2018) Contributed about 8 years of my life to Model United Nations. In the last 4, I was a conference volunteer, in Press Corps, for international middle and high school conferences. I extinguished conference crises, as well as Press Corps roles of design, social media, and photography.
Do people still care about awards? 
(2020) Surviving the apocalypse *ongoing  
(2019) The Professional Shit, The Young Shits
(2018) First Place, Mobilize by 22 Squared
(2017 – 2018) Semi Finalist, The Zahn Center for Innovation
Cookie cutter bios are quite boring. Let's personalize your solutions.  
Just email me at (or) just text me at 917.279.5281